Hello world!

Hey hey my fellow foodies!!

I have been wanting to start my own food blog for a while now and thought it was about time I shared my food journey with you all.

I’m very excited to start my own blogĀ and if there is one thing I know about in life it’s FOOD!! … Like many others of you out there I’m a big big foodie. There are many people out there who know alot more about good food than I do, but I found that whenever I came across a halal food blogger, it would always consist of halal burger joints, or Nandos-like takeaways. Now, there is nothing wrong with a good burger but my food style is a little different. I like eating out in places which provide great food as well as good ambience. You will soon find that I don’t mind paying for good food and most of my food reviews will be at Michelin starred restaurants.

So i decided to start this blog to share my experiences of all the amazing restaurants that provide great halal food in London and globally, through my travels.

I look forward to sharing my foodie journey with you all so hop on and enjoy the ride!

TLH xx

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