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Morning my dolls…

Now if there’s anything I know in life, it’s afternoon teas. I have somewhat of an obsession with afternoon teas so this blog post is very close to my heart. I wasn’t always like this though, I always try to think back to what happened whilst I was happily living my life in my early 20s, eating whatever I was given with no real  preference in food, I mean food is food at the end of the day. But is it? I came to learn in my later years of maturity (of which I am still struggling to coming to terms with) that food is not just a basic human right. Food, good food I mean, not the kebab shop you go to after a night out, is an acquired taste, something that you develop a love for, an obsession even.

I think it all started when I had my first afternoon tea at Claridges … Start high and move on from there as they say! I went to Claridges with my mum for my birthday a few years ago. (The apple didnt fall far from the tree as they say as Claridges was her idea not mine!) Now I thought I had high standards but Mama TLH isn’t an easy lady to please! I was expecting a lot of “am I really paying all this for some sandwiches I could have made for you” comments, but she did me proud. Not sure if it was the fact that the staff was highly interactive, or it might have had something to do with the the fact that they gave me not one but two birthday cakes that day, and that was the moment I was sold! That was the life changing moment that I knew I loved afternoon teas in all their might and glory!

Over the years I have made my way across pretty much every afternoon tea in London. I am lucky that my friends share the same love for tea as myself, however there was a questionable moment in our friendship when they started saying “Do we really have to go to another afternoon tea this weekend “. It was a tough time, but good friends always make it through the hard times as we did.
I wanted to share my experiences with you in a very quick snapshot of what I deem to bethe best afternoon teas in London, but obviously not limited to.

1) Claridges

As mentioned before I absolutely loved this place, the service and food at Claridges was amazing, not to mention that their chicken is halal and they can source halal beef if you specify to them a few weeks in advance. But the decor is just something else… If like me, you love the surroundings a place has to offer, this is it! You feel the lavishness as soon as you walk in, we were sat in the tea room where there was a live harpist who played me a birthday song as they brought me out a cake! Now I’m a simple kind of girl.. Play me a harp and feed me cake and I’m yours! 😂

2) Langham

Sigh… Langham ❤️ what can I say about tou! I might be a little biased when it comes to The Langham, mostly because it has an emotional attachment as my beautiful sister got married there in the Main Ballroom, which is an absolutely stunning venue for any wedding, or special occasion. Sidenote, I pretty much single handedly organised that wedding despite her having a seriously MAJE case of Bridezilla! (I hope she’s not reading this)

Anyways point is that it is such a beautiful place, went there for another one of my birthdays (are you seeing a pattern here!) with my bestie. The afternoon tea was delicious, they service was spot on and our waitress was so attentive, and lovely. My BFF, as cute as she may be, forgot to tell them it was my birthday and well I am a woman of expectations, knowing this my friend freaked out a little bit and asked them to bring out a cake for me and they were so accommodating to my delight.

3)The Dorchester

As you may have gathered from my previous post on China Tang, I am a huge fan of The Dorchester, the spa, the food, the teas, it’s like a second home for me I’ve been here ao many times. Let’s talk about the afternoon tea, they usually have the tea in The Promenade which is the beautiful path you see when entering the hotel. Shades of golds, reds and lined with pianos gives it such a regal and festive feel all throughout the year! They also serve afternoon tea at The Balcony for groups of over 8 and at The Spatisserie, which is their Spa.

Note – The Spatisserie does a weekday deal called Beau-Tea Full which includes spa treatments and afternoon tea at The Spatisserie. Prices are from £135 which is amazing for the service you get.


4) The Sanderson-Mad Hatter Afternoon tea

By far, one of my favourite teas in London, no exaggeration when I say I must have been here at least 5 times, and every aingle time it fees like a new experience. The menu is so different, clever and so true to its’ theme. If you loved a themed tea like me, this is the place for you. Over the years I’ve celebrated hen parties, baby showers, birthdays and all kinds of girly catchups here. But I have to say the best time I’ve had was during Christmas. Obsessed with the festivities that this time of the year brings but moreover I, like any girl, loves a good photo op. Not only does The Sanderson have some really cute corners perfect for any fashionista with a camera such as the Lips Sofa, the bubble seat, not to mention a beautiful mirror in the ladies rooms.. Gotta love a mirror selfie! However, we stumbled upon what I can only describe as Santa’s personal den, we might have been there uninvited but we didn’t leave without a pic or 20!

5) Berkeley – Fashionista Afternoon Te

Tea and fashion. What a killer combo! This isn’t any ordinary tea setting, Pret-a-Portea afternoon tea takes the latest fashion trends straight off the catwalk and puts it into a pastry! Genius! Need I say anymore girls? If that wasn’t enough, they give you little takeaway scones and macaroons in bag-shaped boxes! I’m sold!


 Now, I know I said Top 5 in London but doing a post on afternoon without mentioning The Grove in Hertfordshire would be an injustice to the very root of injustice. What can I say about this place.. On a summer’s day which, given, is a rarity  , this place is stunning. The afternoon tea is usually set outside overlooking acres of beautiful green land. The afternoon tea itarlf is great, except if you book here in any season outside if summer, be prepared to be served your afternoon tea on low tables. However, the stunning Christmas decor and real log-fire might be a good enough compensation! 


 Like I said, this is a very quick snapshot of my favourtie tea places in London and my favourite things about them. I will do some more detailed blog post soon. As the Festive season is upon us, afternoon teas will be the norm till the new year!

Watch this space my fellow Haloodies 🙂

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