Ciao 2015…

I would just like to take a moment out to thank Frank, no that’s not the guy that lives down the road to me, its Storm Frank to you! Thanks to Storm Frank, I have been stuck indoors today. Just trolling through the posts on social media about how Frank has affected most of the UK today has really put things into perspective for the things that really matter. As the year draws to an end, Frank has given me an opportunity to review my year.

2015 has been an amazing year for me in so many ways, but specifically one that has always been so close to my heart. 2015 was the year that TLH was born. Looking back, I never thought of myself as a blogger, although I have always had a love for photos (usually either of food or myself!) and writing had always been a passion of mine since I was fairly young. I have written all sorts of works ranging from poetry (both in English and, to the dismay of my father, my mother tongue, Urdu), articles about various things, but I always looked at bloggers – food blogger, lifestyle bloggers, fashion bloggers – and thought how do they do it? How do they hold a day job (presumably!), work the Instagram scene, have a social life and blog at the same time. I soon realised when I started blogging that if you’re passionate about something, you just do it! Yes it would be nice to know someone reads the posts I spend ages writing and editing, but to be honest I do it for myself. I am not even sure anyone reads these, but I hope that the few of you that do find it interesting/entertaining/useful in some way or another.

Just the other day my friend of 12 years, Sophie and I were sitting and discussing over an afternoon tea in The Berkeley where we went wrong in life. What happened in our lives to trigger this interest in the finer things in life, how did we come to the point where we thought £3000 on a Chanel handbag was a “bargain”? I always get asked how I think it is acceptable to eat out at restaurants that most people go to for special occasions. The answer is simple….I blame my parents! They raised us in a perfect households where my sisters and I were always told it’s the finer things in life that made it worthwhile, that quality is what counts, not quantity. Although, having said that, my sisters didn’t turn out quite like me. I recommended my sister went to China Tang at The Dorchester for one of her anniversaries with her hubby. The amount of people I have introduced China Tang to, you’d thing they were paying me commission for it! I just love the place! Anyways, so my sister came home from her anniversary dinner and was surprised that I recommended such a pricy restaurant. In my defence, its amazing food, love the vibe and I always request sitting in the middle of the restaurant as it makes me feel rather special!

I must admit, I do like fine dining and at times, it’s not the cheapest of lifestyles, and since I’ve become a blogger blogging about the finer things in life, I may not always have 10 posts a day (as I would be broke if I did) but I try always to bring you the best of the halal fine dining scene in London and elsewhere during my travels.

The start of 2015 also gave me the opportunity to do what I’m best at – travel! The year started off by me quitting my day job and going to Dubai then Hing King for one of my besties wedding, it was epic to say the least! Other travelling included Venice with Sophie, and Dubai again! (Before you start to think I have a Dubai obsession, its because my sister lives there more than anything else.. Plus the food is life!)

A milestone birthday in March meant that I had to come to terms with the fact that I wasn’t quite the young budding flower that I thought I was, however, celebrating my birthday with some of my most favourite people in this world was so special to me!

Starting my blog and getting aerious about it meant I was socialising more with fellow bloggers and have had the priviledge of meeting some amazing people! 

Bringing the year to a close, I have so many things to be grateful for in 2015 and so many exciting opportunities on its way in 2016 that I can’t wait to share with you all. Here’s a hint – I have a few collaborations on the way which will take TLH to new heights!! 🙂 Between juggling my masters and containing the excitement of by baby TLH, I will keep myself occupied and out of trouble!!

Wishing you all an amazing and prosperous year, keep it halal as always 😉 HAPPY NEW YEAR my darlings!

Lots of love always,

TLH xx

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