Duck and Waffle – Breakfast vs Lunch

Hey my beautiful foodies!

I know I have been a little AWOL of late but I have been working on some super exciting posts for you in January and I couldn’t help but start off with this one … the holy grail of Duck and Waffle!

As a foodie, when you want to eat somewhere, the most annoying thing is having to wait ages before you get a table. Everytime I go here, Duck and Waffle seems to be one of those places that you need to book months in advance to get a decent table. My friend made a booking for this weekend way back in November and as that feels like a few light years ago, I decided to go to D&W for breakfast this week. Now when people usually say breakfast I tend not to comply as that would require sacrificing that precious extra hour of sleep! But anything in the name of food… So I set my alarm, woke up at some godforsaken hour (or so I thought) where all other humanity was asleep (not really, there were more people on the road that I had seen during normal hours!), grabbed my camera and headed to Liverpool Street for breakfast. I have to say, this was the best decision I have made in a really long time (clearly good decisions are scarce in my life!) it was still dark when I got there, which meant I got to see the sunrise… I am not exaggerating when I say this but it was AMAZING! Based on the 40th floor of Heron Tower in Liverpool Street, the view was phenomenal, something that even the best cameras cannot capture – gotta try though!


Now for the food… I ordered the Banana Brulee Waffle and my friend went for the Salmon Eggs Benedict.


The service was pretty quick and our breakfast arrived promptly, which is always good since we were starving. My waffles were a bit hard too hard to get through, the bananas were a bit too burnt for my liking, but overall The burnt bananas are what essentially made the dish acceptable. My friend’s eggs Benedict with Salmon looked amazing, the eggs were fluffy, the salmon was well done and full of flavour, however again the waffles were a bit tough to get through and felt a tad bit stale. Paying £15 for a dish known for its waffles, this was a little disappointing. Together we paid around £30, which was not extortionate but given the quality of the waffles was on the higher side but the view and experience made up for the food.

Moving onto my lunch date at the weekend with the bff, this  was a little trickier. Duck and Waffle is not halal and the menu is quite limited in regards to what you can or, more appropriately, can’t eat! Duck and Waffle pride itself on using some unusual ingredients such as Ox’s Cheek, which I am told is quite a delicacy for those of you that can eat non-halal would definitely be worth a try, as well as their speciality Duck and Waffle, duh! However, for those of us that can’t, there are few options. At lunch, I went for the Yellowfin Tuna with watermelon and black mustard, which came on a slab of frozen salt. Now I’m a sucker for raw fish but the taste of this was so different to everything else on the menu which made it all the better! 


Next was Duck Egg with wild mushrooms and truffle, now even though I am not a big fan off eggs generally, this egg was so perfectly made, it was thick and fluffy, the yolk was so flavoursome and the mushrooms were a perfect combination, even the addition of brussel sprouts didn’t put me off!


Now last but definitely not least, was my favourite course, dessert!! And the desserts at Duck and Waffle are #life! My friend and I shared one though as by this point we were stuffed! We went for the Torrejas served with caramel apples and cinnamon ice cream… Now if you guys don’t know what Torrejas are… have a look at this


I couldn’t pick one photo of these bad boys… Torrejas are a little like a fat piece of bread dipped in egg, milk, honey and spices, and if you haven’t tried them yet you really need to! The combination was perfect and the 2 pieces of torrejas were plenty to share between us!

All in all, I am a big fan of Duck and Waffle, the food is tasty but not be amazing, however if you want to experience the beauty of London, be it day or night, Duck and Waffle is the place to go! I have fallen in love over and over again with this city every time I go here, 40 floors high above all life – just some good food and the London lights! Absolute perfection! IF I had to choose between breaskfast and lunch I would say breakfast hands down, the sweet food wins over the savoury, but also that sunrise is par no none!

So, in conclusion:

Food                   6 out of 10

Atmosphere       9 out of 10

Uniqueness         8 out of 10

Overall                 7 out of 10

Next stop, Sushisamba just downstairs from Duck and Waffle! Watch this space for that!

Let me know your thoughts if you have been to either!

Till then,

Lots of love,

TLH xxxx

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  1. Zaid Aziz
    October 18, 2017 / 10:07 pm

    Is the duck halal ? The waiter said it was

    • londonhaloodie
      October 27, 2017 / 1:04 pm

      Hey, unfortunately the duck is not halal, neither is any other meat at Duck and Waffle. 🙁

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