Happy Breakfast Week @ The Delauny

Another week comes to an end… another Sunday brunch! But today’s brunch was very special, celebrating National Breakfast week is a serious affair for us foodies!


“All happiness depends on a leisurely breakfast”

– John Gunther

(Although I can’t take credit for this quote as it was stolen from my lovely friends at #HalalGems 🙂

Technically I have been celebrating all week/year but brunch had to be done this weekend as per foodie tradition. My friend and I headed over to The Delaunay in Aldwych.

Starving as always.. I for one was really looking forward to brunching with my friend and catching up over some yummy food. The Delaunay does not disappoint in that department usually.

I arrived and my friend was already waiiting… wearing exactly the same outfit I had on! Now if you remember my blog about China Tang, yes this is the same friend and we tend to twin accidentally 9 times out of 10. You know your friendship is strong when twinning is accidental! 🙂

Anyways after having laughed about our clothes choice for what seemed too long, we ordered – Brunch is always difficult, I always have the same dilemma week in week out – the age old question – PANCAKES OR EGGS BENEDICT??!!

WHen you’re with your girlfriends .. the answer is simple – both!! SO that’s exactly what we did, Eggs Arlington first followed by Pancakes with Blueberries and Creme Fraiche.


First.. The Eggs Arlington – they were just right! These babies can’t be faulted! The base was of a crumpet, just the right amount of crispy yet just the right amount of softness, the salmon was soft and so tasty, but most of all the Hollandaise Sauce was so perfect, matched with the buttery eggs, it was a great start to the brunch.


Next, the pancakes were a sight for sore eyes! They looked so deliciously fluffy and perfect. However, I think on this occasion they looked better than they actually tasted. The pancakes were soft to cut into and even though they were piled up it was easy to get through them. However, it felt like a chore eating them. They were quick heavy, and had a more cake-like texture, piled up in a tower, and its not an easy job. The blueberries were an amazing addition to the pancakes, however the creme fraiche was a bit mismatched. It brought down the taste of the pancakes and made it a bit of a sour experience overall. I did, however manager to salvage the situation by removing all the creme fraiche and emersing the pancakes in their rich maple syrup which made things alot better.


A few more photos later and I think I gave the man on the table next to us some courage to get his own SLR out and start snapping away at his food, love it when I encourage others to live their life the way they want!

Overall, I loved the atmosphere of The Delaunay, there was a great buzz about the place, the waiters were friendly, and so were all the people there. I love a place that offers to take a photo of me, because I had been taking pics of food all the time I was there! #truelove right there!

Overall, The Delaunay is getting a 6 out of 10 from TLH.

Remember to share any of your breakfast/brunch/foodie experiences too. Have you guys been to The Delaunay? What did you think? Would love to hear from you all xx

Love always,




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