Thiptara, The Palace, Dubai

What makes a good restaurant is not merely just the food, not in today’s day and age anyways where there are so many good restaurants to choose from. A restaurant is much more than just about the food.. Of course the food is a major contributor to a good food experience but as a food blogger you look for much for than the food, you look for that full experience.

When you talk about the full experience, Dubai is one place that is a God sent for a haloodie like me. Every gastronomical experience had in Dubai is memorable in its own kind of way! I even had a burger and enjoyed it!! (More on that in another blogpost though!)

When someone asks me what my favourite restaurants are, amongst others. Thiptara is one of my favourites on the list!

It was the night of my birthday… Ahh yes a happy occasion for some, but that constant dark shadow of that one year older over my head, I was in Dubai with my bff and did the only thing I knew to rid of those blues – eat!! So we did, and what an experience it was and always is here.

Thiptara is a pan-Asian restaurant in The Palace in Downtown Dubai. Those of you who have been to Dubai and will have known the struggle of finding a good spot to watch the dancing fountains. I found a much better spot than fighting my way to the front of the queue. Whoever came up with the genius idea of having a restaurant with an amazing view of the dancing fountains, I love you! Sidenote, The Palace is one of my most favourite places in Dubai, it so beautiful – the pond floating with fresh flowers as you enter is breathtaking!

I have to apologise that my photos are not going to be as beautiful as usual (in my opinion) – I chose not to take my SLR camera with me to Dubai this time round, BIG mistake!

We walked through the magical pathway lit up with typically Arabian style lanterns, crossing the shisha garden on the left we proceeded to the restaurant. The entrance was candle lit and had water flowing through it. Such a serene beginning, I thought.

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As we had mentioned already that it was a special occasion when making the reservation, we got the best seat in the house – right next to the river, with an amazing view of the dancing fountains and Burj Khalifa.

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We were starving (as usual) and decided to order drinks and starters…


Thod Maan Poo (Crab Cakes)


Chor Muang Sai Talay (Thai Dumplings)

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The starters were great!! The crab cakes were so tasty and the crab meat was delicious. I I had to be super critical, at most I’d say that it was a little too spicy than it needed to be. Next were the Thai Dumplings aka Chor Muang Sai Talay. Apart from the fact that it was oviously purple and so beautiful to look at, the dumpling was so beautifully made, not only aestheitcally pleasing to the eye, but also the prawn and scallop was cooked to perfection! It was hands down one of the best dumplings I’ve had!

We moved onto the mains, still awestruck by the dancing fountains that went off every half hour, so we saw atleast 5 shows all in all, it was beautiful!

For mains, I went for Ped Sam Rod aka Duck breast and my friend went for the Penang Gai, a chicken in green curry dish.

First for the green curry, it was on point – it was tender chicken in green curry, with eggplant and sweet basil leaves. The curry was just right, and the taste of coconut was not too overpowering like it usually is in most restaurants. It was a beautiful dish and with chicken so tender, there wasn’t much left of it between us by the end of it.


The duck breast on the other hand was not the best dish I could have chosen from the extensive menu. The duck came in a sweet and sour sauce (which really reminded me of my mama’s signature Chinese dish which I love!) and crispy fried onions.


The seasoning and the flavours were immense and so authentically Thai which I absolutely loved! It kind of took me back a little to when I was in Thailand. However, the duck itself soon brought me back to the restaurant in Dubai. The meat was so coarse and very hard to bite through – it was kind of disappointing that I had to leave most of the dish as the meat was a real let down to all the amazing flavours I have experienced that night.

We were just about to order dessert, when out came the staff of Thiptara, singing happy birthday pretty loudly and had a camera of their own with the  cutest sentiment – they took a photo of me on their polaroid camera and gave it to me alongside a card and a cute little cheesecake. It was my first present of the year and was such a lovely sentiment.


Overall, even though I was disappointed with the duck I know that duck is a tough one to get right and TLH has pretty high standards… I’m yet to eat a duck pancake better than the one at China Tang! Overall, I thought Thiptara was a great restaurant, all the more so if you are gong to celebrate a special event, The views are phenomenal, the service great and the food is decent.

Address: The Palace Downtown Dubai, Dubai 
Halal Status: Everything is halal
Closest Station: N/A

Have you guys been to Dubai or Thiptara? Let me know your thoughts.

Till next time babies

TLH xxx

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