Sexy Fish, Mayfair

With exams right around the corner, I have been neglecting you guys for sure. Although I did have a night off last night… It was date night with the bff. We’ve been meaning to check out Sexy Fish for a while and I’ve heard mixed reviews about it.. So thought we’d check it out for ourselves.
Sexy fish is a recently opened Pan-Asian fish restaurant (as it says on the tin!) located in the swanky Berkeley Square in Mayfair. As described by themselves, the interior was designed by Martin Brudnizki Design Studio and decorated with artworks from likes of Damien Hirst, Frank Gehry and Michael Robert. Sounds impressive right?
On first impressions, it is! But lets take a closer look…

When you enter the restaurant the buzz of the place hits you in the face like a wet fish (all puns intended!) – the interior is large to say the least but seems like a lot going on… The bar has gold fishes flying over it, you look a little farther and there is a huge artistic piece in beautiful blue of large fishes which I can only describe as what looks like a huge Pisces sign with mermaids!

Look towards the far left and there is a large blackish fish structure which looks a bit scary while you’re eating its’, what could be, baby brother! (Lol)


Whilst we are on the topic of decor, the toilets! A must check out for the mere reason that it’s floor to ceiling marble is less 70s glamour and more 70s porn film (not that I have seen one but I assume it would look much like the restrooms in SF!)


Overall, the decor was very disjointed and I’m no designer but they might have taken the fish theme a tad too seriously… £20million well spent? I think not!

Enough of the decor bashing… Onto what I know best.. The food!!! I was starved like a baby without milk for 6 hours (that’s veryyy hungry in baby terminology FYI).

The tables were quite small and I wondered how we would fit all the food I was just about to order. The menu was not halal but as it was a fish restaurant, it didn’t need to be a problem.  We ordered some mocktails to get us in the zone…


For starters, we ordered Crispy Prawn Maki, the Salt and Pepper Squid, Edamame beans and Spicy Wok Noodles.

The rule of thumb on sushi is usually go for Maki and you won’t be disappointed.. Or can you? The maki was tasteless and the crunchy prawn was okay, not the worst but not great.


The Salt and Pepper Squid was very salty but actually really nice, it came with a Yuzu sauce and had every consistency right, apart from the salt! Great dish!



The Spicy Wok Noodles were delicious!! It took us a while to separate them out though because they were a ball of noodles but taste-wise, amazing!  Such a simple dish but loved it!



Edamame Beans are meant to be seasoned right? Apparently not here! The edamame beans were tasteless and sprinkled with a tiny bit of salt.

So moving onto the mains, we ordered Chilean Sea Bass and Seared Salmon.


Now this was a different story altogether… The Sea Bass was beautifully cooked. The seabass quite literally melted in your mouth. The taste was a little similar to that of Black Cod elsewhere but  it was hands down the beat dish I tasted throughout the evening!

My friend had the Seared Salmon..

Seared Salmon

Initially, I thought to myself whether it  as meant to be that burnt but upon tasting it, again the fish was well cooked, so tender yet not disintegrating in the plate. The salmon was so beautifully seasoned with splashes of lime, which complimented its taste so well. Overall, great dish.
I have to say, despite not loving the food, we were pretty stuffed at this point but we are definitely not quitters so onto dessert we went. As per usual, we went for the same dessert but We don’t share desserts so got our own – Doughnuts!!


I am always surprised to see doughnuts on a menu that I get over excited and order them. Knowing full well that it won’t match expectations!

The doughnuts came with a chocolate sauce and what I thought was ice cream or cream, actually turned out to be lemon curd (to my sheer disappointment!). The doughnuts were well sized and initially I thought it was a great idea .. It took me back to the doughnuts on Brighton beah on a rare hot summer’s day.. but soon my flashback was broken and I realised it was not such a great idea afterall. Even though the doughnuts were soft, easy to cut through and well sugared, that was it. The doughnuts themselves had no taste to them.. And some were even uncooked to the point that I could taste the dough! Not cool!

So, overallI would say that Sexy Fish overall was quite average for the hype it had been bringing over the last few months. The highlight of the evening was the eccentric waiter wearing a bright blue suit matching the wall art!
Have you been? Would love to hear your thoughts! Message me below.

Address: Berkeley Square House, Berkeley Square W1J 6BR
Halal Status: None
Closest Station: Green Park


TLH xx


  1. Sx
    May 4, 2016 / 8:45 pm

    You might want to proof read your work before you publish it. Just a hint. Apart from that great blog, love the pictures, what camera do you use? S x

    • May 4, 2016 / 8:54 pm

      Ha, when studying for exams I’m surprised I even managed to write a whole blogpost! lol.. Thank you! I use a Nikon D90 its a beautiful camera 🙂

  2. May 15, 2016 / 9:08 am

    That seabass looks divine! But can I be bothered to go to Mayfair just for seabass….not sure!!
    I assume it’s quite a pricey place?

    • May 15, 2016 / 10:45 am

      The sea bass was amazing! If you’re around the area then it is definitely worth a check out, even just for the experience of all the fishes. It was about £60 per head for starters, mains, dessert and a mocktail each which isn’t too pricey 🙂

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