L’Orchidee, Westfield Shepherds Bush

Hey loves.. A very quick post to tell you about this cafe. I love macaroons.. Okay understatement. I am obsessed with macaroons, which might have contributed to my few chins I have going on right now!

A friend of mine said to me their macaroons were better than Laduree’s. MASSIVE statement to make, so I had to check it out for myself so when a friend and I were in Westfield, I suggested we head to L’Orchidee, which is a highly underrated cafe on the 1st floor of Westfield in Shepherds Bush. It is in The Village side and you have probably passed it a few hundred times.

The decor is super cute, with hot pink and grey seating, as well as a bar area.



I went straight for the macaroon menu and was so confused as their flavours of macaroons will blow your mind. Their flavours are nothing I have seen before. I went for Watermelon, Lavender, Popcorn, Orchid, Lychee and Salted Caramel.



Clockwise: Orchid, Lychee, Lavender, Watermelon, Salted Caramel and Popcorn


Watermelon Macaroon

Each was divine – Watermelon was refreshing, Lavender and Orchid were as if I was eating a real flower, Lychee almost felt too good to be a macaroon and Salted Caramel and Popcorn although felt out of place in the flower flavours were equally good. A bit more on Popcorn- never had a popcorn macaroon but it was beautiful, felt as though I needed to be in a plush cinema with these (you know the ones that let you sleep and watch a film at the same time-genius!)

The macaroons themselves were beautifully prepared! They were soft yet not chewy, the flavours were not too subtle or overpowering like some other macaroons tend to be.

I also had a pot of flower tea. Had so many of these before and as pretty as they have been, the flavour of this tea seeped through, I definitely didn’t need to flavour it with more sugar.



L’Orchidee also sells their tea for you to consume and enjoy at home.


I am really looking forward to going back for a proper afternoon tea here.

Address: The Village, 1st floor, Westfield London, Ariel Way, London W12 7GF
Website: www.lorchidee.co.uk
Halal Status: All macaroons are free from alcohol, gelatine, wheat, gluten and preservatives
Closest Station: Shepherds Bush

 Lots of Love,
TLH xxx

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