Hello Kitty’s Secret Garden Afternoon Tea, Cutter and Squidge

The thing about being an adult is, its a tough job, its not fun at the best of times, and you kind of have to deal with it in denial. I feel I have mastered the art of this adult thing though, so here it is – all you have to do to be successful as an adult is DONT DO IT! That kid in me will always be alive and it well and truly came to life when my sisters and I visited the Hello Kitty afternoon tea pop up at Cutter and Squidge in Soho. The best thing about it is that it may not be halal, but it is mostly vegetarian and has no meat so it’s a win win for all.

Hello Kitty is one of those phenomena that everyone secretly loves, she is the cutest thing to come out of the Far East (according to me anyways!) Hello Kitty, also known by her full name Kitty White, first greeted the Japanese markets in 1974! If you ask me she’s looking pretty darn good for her age!

When I heard Hello Kitty was coming to London I was a tad bit excited -Although it was a long time coming, I mean USA hosts the annual Hello Kitty Convention (yes that’s a thing!) the least we could get was an afternoon tea!

Our booking was for 3.30pm but we got there a little earlier, we were that excited! The anticipation grew even before we got inside…


Cutter and Squidge, already one of the cutest cafe’s in London, was transformed by Kitty.


We had to wait for a bit but we were kept entertained and the anticipation only grew..


We were taken down eventually about 4pm, which was a little later than we were expecting but it was all worth it. We were taken down a narrow path of steps. I really didn’t know what to expect but I wasn’t expecting this much cuteness..

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We were received with a cute menu of what to expect and were served it altogether..


The sandwiches – Cucumber and Cream Cheese, Hummus and Pepper, Cheese and Red Onion and Salmon and Chives. Each had its own twist, they sounded like standard sandwiches but they were all really tasty and the HK shaped sandwiches were almost too cute to eat!


Dessert was Matcha Cake Truffle (!), Pink Lemonade Marshmallow and a Very Berry Jelly Kiss. As always the matcha truffle was amazing, then again I am a little too inclined towards anything matcha-related. The marshallow was something else, it literally dissolved as soon as you popped it in your mouth! Yum! However, the Jelly was a more of an acquired taste, I didn’t take too well to the texture and it was a little tasteless.


I really struggled with the Strawberry Milkshake Bisqie, for the sheer fact that it was literally TOO CUTE to eat! I left it for last, how adorable is this!


I love a scone.. and when I think scone, I think clotted cream and jam. But I was a little surprised that these scones were Savoury Cheese Scones, served with Red Pepper Relish and Cream Cheese. Once I got over the initial shock, the scones were delicious.


Speaking of matcha, all I’m going to say is – Strawberry Dipped Matcha Chocolate! (!!) I could have had a truck-load of this if I wasn’t in a public place, but I maintained decorum and had 2.


We were given some ice cream to close off..


Overall, the tea was great. The decor was amazingly cute and I really enjoyed myself. I felt as though I was a kid again and it felt great! The food was different and really tasty, although unlike most afternoon teas, they did not replenish or offer to do so. It was filling enough not to be a problem but the choice to get some more of those Bisqies would have been good. Although I have to say, the lighting was not great for photos, even with my beautiful SLR, the photos did not do the place any justice.

I was a little more than disappointed that despite having booked for 3.30 and not being taken down down 4pm, the waiters still asked us to clear the table at 4.45pm, as the tea had an hour and half turnaround, which meant they expected us to clear the table within 45-50mins of starting, even though it was their fault. Understandably, they had a turnaround but asking a customer to leave 45 mins after giving them the table is definitely not cool.

The afternoon tea cost £40 per person, which is usually standard for an afternoon tea, although in this case as cute as the tea was, (..and I don’t say this often) the tea was not worth the money we paid for. It was a good experience as it is only on till the end of August and I would have felt as though I was missing out if I hadn’t gone, but in terms of food, it was okay not amazing.

Food – 6 out of 10 
Service – 4 out of 10 
Price – 3 out of 10
Atmosphere – 7 out of 10 
Experience – 6 out of 10

Overall, giving Hello Kitty’s Secret Garden Afternoon Tea at Cutter and Squidge a total TLH score of 5 out of 10.

Address: 20 Brewer Street, London, W1F 0SJ
Website: http://cutterandsquidge.com/pages/hellokitty
Closest Station: Piccadilly Circus (Piccadilly or Bakerloo line)

Remember Hello Kitty’s Secret Garden Afternoon Tea is only on until 31st August so be sure to check it out and let me know your thoughts.

Lots of Love,





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