Cereal Killer Cafe, Camden

Gloomy days like today mean you just need to stay in bed in your PJs with bear shaped slippers and blog one after the other! Sometimes it takes me months to blog about something, but as I’m on a roll today wanted to share a quick review on Cereal Killer Cafe with you all!

I’m a yolo kinda girl, and when you’re with a foodie friend and you want a freakshake, you go out of your way to go get a freakshake! So, after drooling over numerous Instagram posts, we headed to Camden in search of Cereal Killer Cafe.

It took us a while to find it, poor Google Maps was not made to function in Camden Market! When we eventually got there it was clearly hard to miss it!


The interior was super cute, and if ever you wanted to relive your childhood, you were definitely in the right place.


There is a cute seating area inside on a cold day if you choose to sit inside, although its a bit dimly lit so bring your own selfie light!


The menu is a little confusing, but in essence, you have a whole lot of cereals, some taking you way back to your early years. Pick a cereal, pick your milk add a few toppings and off you go!


Prices vary dependent on British or Imported and on size between £2.60 to £4.50, which I feel is a bit of a rip off for some cereal and a glass of milk, albeit it is cute and its about the experience more than the cereal.

I thought they did freakshakes as I’m sure I had seen it on Instagram somewhere, which is obviously a relevant source of information for anything in life. However, when we got there and they said they didn’t do freakshakes, and the look on my friend’s face did not look as friendly as it did a few minutes earlier, they agreed to create one for us. Although it wasn’t really a freakshake as such – it was a pretty hot chocolate. I went for the Froot Loops and my friend, now slightly appeased, went for Coco Pops.


Enough said – they kicked it out of the park with this one! It looked so pretty and the cookies just made it all the more special, especially as this was not on the menu! So thanks to the guys at Cereal Killer Cafe for hooking me up!

I have to say though, the hot chocolate was very watery, and definitely looked much much better than it tasted.

So check it out if you’re in the area. Its definitely worth a trip for the experience more than anything else. Maybe go in the morning when it is actually cereal time!

Lots of love,

TLH xx

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  1. October 7, 2016 / 9:05 am

    You can get bubblegum flavour milk?!?!?!?! Sounds horrible but WOW! Great photos by the way!

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