Pret a Portea at The Berkeley

The weekend before Ramadan can only mean one thing – stuff your faces as much as you possibly can with the most indulgent foods.

So naturally, Tazzamina and I decided to head down to The Berkeley for a spot of afternoon tea. I’ve been to The Berkeley for afternoon tea before, but that was before they refurbished the whole entrance of the hotel including the Collins Room where the afternoon tea is served. I remember it being dimly lit, chic but definitely not something the write home about. This time around was a totally different experience, the room we were in was bright, decor of white and grey and great lighting for pictures! Plus 1 from me!

We were a little in awe by the environment and the thought of all the food we were about to devour, our waitress came over and explained the menu. Even our place settings were cute and can we please talk about that crockery!


We ordered our teas, mine was Ceylon and Rose black tea, and Taz went for the Lily Chantilly Opening Flower tea.


We eagerly awaited our cakes and sandwiches as we saw table after table get their pretty cakes served to them.  But good things come to those that wait – and so it did! Ours came out.. a stand of the prettiest cakes any fashionista would go wild over, a plate of sandwiches each, and some more goodies, but believe me when I say this – even the best camera could not do these creations justice!



Now for the cakes individually …


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