Heriot Cakes, Harrow Weald

I’ve been blogging for a little while now and more than eating all these yummy foods and adding to my 5 chins (which are currently going strong!), what I love more than anything else is supporting local businesses, but more than that I love supporting those who truly deserve it the most. Living in the suburbs, I sometimes feel like everything is so far away from me. But, then you come across little gems in your neighbourhood that surprise you and make the world a better place, one mouthful at a time. I recently received a package from Heriot Cakes based in Harrow. Their cakes range from novelty birthday cakes to wedding creations. What’s even better is they are 100% halal – they source the best halal ingredients such as alcohol free flavouring and halal animal fats.

​I got a few from their gateaux pastries section and boy were they good – As a blogger, the power of words speak volumes to me, but sometimes a photo says it all…

Flavours – Hazelnut Chocolate, Strawberry Cheesecake, Carrot Cake and Peanut Butter. 

I have to say it was hard to pick, but if I had to pick my favourite was probably the hazelnut chocolate cake. All the cakes were so moist, so individual to their taste and probably some of the nicest gateaux I’ve had in a very long time.

Check out Heriot Cakes online here or pop by their cake shop in Harrow Weald to view their vast selection of delicious cakes.

Address: 20-22 Headstone Drive, Harrow, HA3 5QH
Website: http://www.heriotcakes.co.uk/
Halal Status: All halal products used
Closest Station: Harrow Weald (Overground and Bakerloo Line)

Disclaimer – This post was sponsored but all opinions are my own


  1. UB
    August 16, 2017 / 11:25 pm

    They look delicious!! Great idea to support and promote local businesses! Majority of the time they are a lot better than the known names!

    • londonhaloodie
      August 17, 2017 / 8:24 pm

      They really are delicious though! My mum is a true fan too 🙂

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