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How can I do a travel diary without any mention of food! Well, in all honesty, this is probably the one and only time you’ll hear me say this but food wasn’t at the top of our agenda for this trip. Before you start judging and saying “but you’re a food blogger” (haha), the main reason for this was actually as we were driving around so much and most of the time there wasn’t much to eat apart from gas stations where you could buy junk, alot of junk!

We stayed at Hilton Reykjavik Nordica – it was a beautiful hotel with impeccable service.

They had one restaurant called VOX where we were served a full breakfast – I’m talking alll kinds of eggs, pancakes, biscuits, cakes, and everything in between.

We had dinner here a few times as it was convenient once we got back from our long road trips.

Our lovely concierge at the hotel recommended we go to Apotek Restaurant (which interestingly means pharmacy in Icelandic). So we went down and tried it out, and LOVED it, especially as the bill came out to about £30 each for a 3-course meal and in Icelandic terms that’s cheap as chips! Here are a few shots from what we had:

We also went to Sushibarinn, a quaint sushi place not far from our hotel. The king crab roll was amazing as were most of the other sushi!

I was surprised to find one or two halal restaurants in the main town of Reykjavik, but I wouldn’t get too excited as the place we went to was a kebab place called Ali Baba. I need to caveat this – I don’t think I’ve ever even had a kebab in London (ever!) but it was halal so we thought yes let’s do this (#yolo). In the moment of excitement we ordered a few things and thought it was really reasonable food, considering it was halal. It was really decent lamb to be honest, but that was before we realised we had just paid £25 for 2 kebabs!! PS. You’ll never EVER hear me talking about a kebab on my blog again! 🤣

Overall, the food was so good in Iceland despite the fact that we didn’t eat much apart from hotel breakfast and Pringles for the road (and we might have snuck out a danish pastry or 5 from the hotel breakfast).

The most excited I’ve ever been at any food was the first time I tried the salmon in Iceland – it was as if something exploded in my mouth, as if I’d never tasted salmon ever in my life! I’d go back just for that! A kind of firework exploded in my taste buds! Brilliant!

My friend is a huge gym goer and as most gymmers know, they love a good egg. According to her, she said the eggs were the best she’d ever had and she’d move out there for the eggs alone (slightly melodramatic but, hey, that’s the kind of company I like to keep!)

I’d love to hear your food experiences in Iceland – good or bad! Message me or comment below with all your experiences!

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