High 5 to you 2017!

2017’s been such a blessed year for me. There have been so many highlights I cant even begin to list them. But most of all I’m so blessed to have such amazing people in my life, some of which I’ve met through blogging and Instagram – those are the one’s so so special to me. (You know who you are!)

Thanks 2017 for being such a kick ass year! Here are some of my highlights….

  1. Witnessing Pakistan beat India in the cricket ICC Championship at The Oval, London! Being a Pakistani, cricket is almost a religion and that moment was so priceless for me, not because of the nationalist tension between India and Pakistan, but more because India are always the better team and watching Pakistan perform SO well against them in my home town, with my bestie, in the final was EPIC!
  2. Successfully eating 18 afternoon teas and still managing to fit through the door with my 5 chins (and counting!) and countless reviews (I genuinely don’t have the time to count how many given that I should be writing a dissertation due in 3 weeks instead of this blogpost!)

    Pret a Portea afternoon tea at The Berkeley

    High Chai afternoon tea at Bombay Central

    Post afternoon tea posing at The Landmark Hotel

    Harry Potter Wizarding afternoon tea at Colwick Hall, Nottingham

  3. Instagram and I have a love-hate relationship but 2017 has been made by some amazing people that I met through Instagram, what started off with a like and a comment ended up being some of the strongest, most uplifting relationships I’ve had throughout my life, so here’s to the real MVP’s … you know who you are!
  4. My baby blog has just been taken to another level. From videos, to podcasts, to the year I revealed my identity to blogger meets and just a year of fun with everyone in the same “I hate Instagram’s new algorithms, why does it hate me so much” boat.
  5. Some of the most amazing holidays that I’ve been wanting to tick off the wanderlust list for the longest time:

    Praying Jumah prayers at The Grand Mosque of Rome, Italy

    One of many magnificent ice waterfalls in Iceland

    Flower Gardens in Dubao (ps.I have hayfever!)

6. Last but definitely not least, speaking about the halal industry alongside Siddika from The Halal Dining Club for The Muslim Vibe… if you haven’t seen it already check out the video here:

Most of all I am so happy that you are all in my life and I’m so grateful. So much so that come 1st Jan, I’m going to do something special with you all on Instastories so keep an eye out for that!

Love you all and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!


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  1. December 29, 2017 / 5:25 pm

    Pictures and the settings are lovely. Excellent serialization.

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