How the last 365 days have made me into a better person

How is it the end of 2017 already? It feels like only yesterday that it was 2017 and we were talking about New Year’s resolutions and here we are again ready to welcome 2018 into our lives.. even though I don’t believe in NY resolutions! Every day is an opportunity to better yourself!

This year has been so eventful if anything and so much has happened.. the ups and downs of this year and how it has changed me as a person have taught me many a lessons .. it’s about to get a bit emotional but here are 4 things I learnt in 2017

1. You are replaceable! I’ve been singing “to the left to the left” for as long as I can remember but only just understood what Queen B was trying to say! People are odd creatures, they are selfish and do odd things for selfish reasons. The bitter truth of life is that you are not irreplaceable in someone’s life – Be it friendship, a romantic interest/partner or anyone else. If someone wants to leave they will leave, it certainly is the worst feeling to be on the receiving end, but in these situations remember that this does not define you as a person! If a relationship (any relationship) no matter long you’ve known that person is toxic, making you sad or unloved, leave! tike spent on that relationship means nothing, what matters most is who has proved their worth in your life! But also remember family is the only relation bound by blood, as much as that guy says he loves you nothing stops him from leaving unless you are bound by a nikaah! If it’s not halal, don’t do it bro, it’s not worth it!

2. Your relationship with God is the only one you need. Everyone has ups and down in their faith and I’m no one to be preaching about religion, but what’s most important is to have unfaltering faith that despite anything that happens, and remember the Creator of your heart is the only One that can bring solace to it! If you believe this you’ll never feel lonely. (Tried and tested!)

3. Speaking of being lonely, to all my fellow single friends out there! Don’t despair! It’s so easy to say this, but as an eternal bachelorette I have been through all the “still not married” questions from every aunty in the community (most of them only mean well!) listen up – being single does not mean you’re worth any less, HELLL TO THE NO! It does however mean that you have been given the opportunity to do all the things you’ve always wanted to, He has given you this opportunity so use it wisely. All my singletons out there are probably sick to the core of hearing catchphrases like “it’ll happen when you least expect it” or the classic “when the time is right it will happen”, but unfortunately, as annoying as it sounds, these are all true!

4. All the opportunities you get are part of “the plan”. I believe this to my core, every single thing that has happened to me this year has been of no doing of my and it’s as if they have been planted there for me. It’s true what they say.. this quote embodies everything I believe through and through

Some life truths here but these lessons have taught me to be a self-sufficient strong woman that I probably wasnt 365 days ago! On a happier note, the next blogpost is all about my HIGHLIGHTS of 2017 of which there have been WAY too many!!

Love you all xxx


  1. January 3, 2018 / 12:52 am

    This post speaks to me on so many levels, especially the not married yet part. I love how strong you are and you always seem so bubbly on insta stories – teach me your ways!


    • January 4, 2018 / 5:47 pm

      Hey Rosie! Thanks so much, going on camera is always a bit nerve wracking but so glad you’re enjoying my Instastory rants! 🙂 here’s to having an amazing 2018!! xx

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