Top 5 Pancakes in London

If you haven’t already noticed, pancakes are one of my favourite things on this planet! They have contributed to numerous of my chins (joke!) and I know I post a lot a lot of pancakes on my Instagram but thought it was about time I did a post on my favourite pancakes in London right in time for Pancake Day on 13th February.

1. Chiltern Firehouse – £14

By far my favourite pancakes in London. Chiltern is renown d to be dripping in celebs but their brunch (only till 11am on weekdays) is so underrated. The pancakes are the fluffiest I have had and so delish in a beautiful setting of an old firehouse.n

2. The Breakfast Club – £12

As if TBC’s pancakes weren’t amazing as it is, they’re doing a special range of pancakes for this week only for Pancake Day.

This is the Rainbow Stack in collab with The Meringue Girls.

3. My Old Dutch – £6.50 – £12.50

The Dutch definitely know how to throw a good pancake party – there are so many pancakes to choose from – whether it’s the crepe like Dutch pancakes or the American style small fluffy pancakes … here’s both!

4. Daisy Green Collection – £11.40

Whichever one of the many Daisy Green restaurants you go to in London, the pancakes are a must. Not only are they soft and fluffy, but the best part is the jam inside the centre of the pancakes!

5. The Ivy Collection – £8.95

My version of healthy pancakes in their best form, fluffy pancakes with clotted cream and berries! And oh so pretty!

But I have to say that the most perfect pancakes, aesthetically and in taste and texture, were the pancakes I had in Dubai at Cocoa Room.

What are your favourite pancakes? Let me know if I missed your favourite ones off!

Happy Pancake Day my loves xx


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  1. Halal Food Gastronomy
    March 2, 2018 / 2:38 pm

    OMG they look so delicious MaShaaAllah

    What’s going to be tricky is to decide which to try first!

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