Afternoon Tea at BBakery Bus Tour

If there are a few things I love in this life, it’s my love for London and a good afternoon tea. Put those 2 things together and you get afternoon tea on a tour bus! What a brilliant idea! I have been wanting to go on the afternoon tea bus by B8 Bakery (in Covent Garden), but never found the right moment.

So grateful for BBakery offering to be part of my giveaway. This was a very special one as Ruma from EatingLdn and I had the chance for 2 of our followers to come along with us. FoodographyLdn and CookiexCrumble won the giveaway.

So, there was a bit of drama which put a bit of a downer on the afternoon. Our table was booked for the 2.30pm bus from Victoria, we were all waiting and the bus kind of left without us without any prior warning, it was odd and so frustrating but I contacted the organisers and they put us on the next bus at 5pm. We had to wait around and were so frustrated by the process, it was annoying that no one came to tell us to get on the bus even though we had a booking, but we still managed to get on the bus and we did get a chance to get to know reach other which was lovely.

The bus was quite empty with 2 other couples on the bus with us, which was nice. We were sat on the top deck which was lit with fairy lights (I love fairy lights 😍)

I absolutely loved being up there, and the cakes had already been laid out! Now I always wondered how they let the plates and cups from sipping and it was all very clever and well thought out. The drinks were served in cute takeaway cups, the plates were stuck to the tables as were the cake stands.

What I love about the bus afternoon tea is that they cater for all kinds of diets -halal, vegan, vegetarian, you name it. There are very few places that are so accommodating and I love them for it.

The sandwiches were lovely, although I couldn’t tell you what they were as we weren’t really given a menu. But I quite enjoyed figuring out what I was eating – a bit of a tasting session never hurt anyone every now and then.

The cakes were great though, soft and delicious, and not too chocolatey just how I like it. My favourite was the lemon meringue – it was so beautifully prepared – it was delicious, softly whipped and not too lemony.

Unfortunately, no one really tells you that eating on a moving bus is very uncomfortable. I never thought I had moving sickness until I ate one too many cakes and as the scones came out I felt too sick to have the scones. An afternoon tea without scones! I couldn’t believe myself.

The sights of London, even on a windy rainy day, were so lovely, I almost forgot how much I loved this city, and what made it all the more special was the commentating whilst on tour, it’s always nice to hear our city’s history all over again (especially everything to do with the Royals after my recent obsession with period dramas – The Crown, Victoria, Downton Abbey the lot!).

Overall, we all had such a lovely time. The food was great, the views were so pretty and the commentating even better. Even though this meal was complimentary, if we were to pay it would have been £45 per person, which to be honest is expensive for what the tea actually was. I would recommend it to try it once.

I would very much stress the following though:

1) Be on time or you’ll miss the bus!

2) If you have any kind of motion sickness, take an anti-sickness tablet before you get on.

3) Try and enjoy the sights while you can and try not to get too distracted by the food.

Food – 8 out of 10 
Service – 7 out of 10
Atmosphere – 7 out of 10 
Experience – 8 out of 10

Overall, giving The Afternoon Tea at B Bakery Tea Bus a total TLH score of 8 out of 10.

Address: Victoria Coach station
Halal Status: Halal meat must be requested with 48 hours notice, alcohol is served.
Closest Station: Victoria station (Victoria Line)

Have you been? Let me know your thoughts!

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