Where to go for Sehri during Ramadan?

Ramadan Mubarak to all of you who observe Ramadan! Ironically, Ramadan always reminds me of food, I’m sure that’s not how Allah intended it to be, but for reasons we have made it into a time where we fast then feast! But nevertheless, I love the idea of getting together for iftaars with my family, friends and other loved ones. A whole month of excuses to meet and eat together. But more than that, its an excuse to eat in the middle of the night! I love this religion!! 2 of my best friends live about 5 mins away from me, so we would often have sehri together, although on most days just getting up and going downstairs can be a bit of a chore. But this year my crazy besties and I have vowed to go out for sehri.. now if this was back home in Pakistan (the country where food is taking very very seriously) restaurants would stay open till 3 am on a normal day, but this is London where restaurant shut at midnight. I love that Ramadan makes it acceptable for you to get up in the middle of the night for a feast! So if, like my friends and I, you’d like to go out for sehri, this is your guide:

Duck and Waffle

Okay so it’s not halal but it open round the clock, and I can’t think of anything nicer than being sky high for sehri and watching the sun rise. Also, Brick Lane Mosque isn’t far so you can go pray fajr there soon after.

The Burger Box

Burger box are open for sehri and do a mean chicken burger, so you’ll be getting your protein but as burgers can make you pretty thirsty make sure you skip the milkshake and have a pint of water instead.

Chelsea Burger London

One of my favourite passtime is chilling by one of the many embankments that London harbours, Chelsea Bridge is one of my favourites to contemplate life, and a burger goes really well with contemplation – Chelsea Burger is a no-nonsense burger joint (no seating) open pretty much all night.

Brioche Burger

Ramadan does not mean giving up on your binge weekend meals – Brioche Burger serves their menu including pancakes till 1.30 am on Fridays and Saturdays during Ramadan.

And for iftaar, here are some of my favourites this year..

The Great Chase Restaurant

A special Iftaar menu, a dedicated prayer room and dates on the house, if that wasn’t enough, the food sure will make your iftaar perfect with their 3 course meal for £26 per person.


A real favourite of mine (especially the chicken and waffles), Boondocks really knows how to bring Ramadan to Shoreditch – 1 mail, 1 side, 1 dessert and 1 drink all for £21 per person. You can also choose from a complimentary side of nachos, date cookies or popcorn shrimp. (FAVE!)

They also have a separate prayer room for men and women.

Talli Joe

The iftaar thaali (translated as massive plate) at Talli Joe is what you need in your life following an 18 hour fast. It’s pretty huge with dishes including their special kachori, truffle kulcha (FAVE), kaala chaat, their house chicken, and if that wasn’t enough they’ll through in unlimited chai and some black gaajar ka halwa too – SOLD!

All that and more for £35 per head, but more importantly 10% of the proceedings go to Curry for Change, a charity supporting helping children getting off the streets in 19 countries!

The Meat Co

Free dates (the edible kind) and water waiting for you if you book into the halal section for iftaar, with a separate halal menu, this place is one of my fave binge iftaars.

Hope you enjoyed this post and your fasts are all going well, the fasts are long but we’re 5 fasts down already.

Lots of love always,

Fizzah 🙂


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