Logma, Dubai Mall

First day in Dubai so had to make a little trip down to Dubai Mall! It would be rude not to! My sister and I went to Logma, a traditional local UAE restaurant full of vibrant colours. Logma in Arabic (or as we say it in Urdu – luqma) means a bite of food. Unfortunately, they didn’t add the disclaimer how many bites that would be!

The restaurant itself was great, it’s located on the top floor of Dubai Mall away from the hustle and bustle of the shopping areas, which is lovely. You’re welcomed by the vibrant colours of the East, as we have a naughty little 2 year old with us (my beautiful niece), we asked for a table towards the back. They walked us to our table right at the back with the prettiest views of the Dancing Fountains.

The menu is big and confusing because I wanted everything on the menu.. so we got some starters to share and a main each.. we probably ordered one starter too many though..

By the time we were done with the starters, I genuinely did not have any room for mains, but we power through! For mains, I ordered the Logma Burger, and even though I always like my meat (burger or steaks) cooked medium or medium/rare, the waiter stated that all their burgers were cooked well done yet still juicy, so I went with it. They were right, it was so juicy and taste just oozed out from it, as it came in their signature Khaleeji naan bread, it wasn’t as heavy as a normal burger would have been.

Now dessert… I was stuffed but a girl needs a dessert after a meal this big surely. SO we decided to order their traditional Lugaimat, which were sweet dough balls that came with a range of side sauces – we went for Nutella and Lotus. Lugaimat is nice and light and although there were about 15 little balls that came in one portion, they were somehow magically gone by the time we left! Hehe…

Overall, I really enjoyed the food at Logma. It was clean, hearty food with a hint of Khaleeji traditional food, the views were great, the service was good and the food was amazing! I’d definitely recommend it to anyone.. although after shopping not during because you will 100% have a food hangover!


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