Going Solo…

Self love. Everyone’s talking about it these days. But what does it really mean? I always feel as though self love is something that is a buzz word being thrown around without anyone experiencing it or knowing the importance of it. It’s not till you go through a major event in your life (mostly sad) that you really experience the need for some major TLC self love.

I always find it odd when someone says to me that they can’t go out to dinner on their own, or for a coffee or to watch a movie. If I’m totally honest I do most things on my own, it doesn’t make me a loner or incapable of having friends. Quite the contrary, I have alot of friends/acquaintances that I can hang with, but being comfortable in your own company is something that is essential, in my humble little opinion. If you’ve never spent time on your own, you’ll never know what it is that you like, what you don’t like. Have you even ever thought about what makes you happy? Sometimes when you’re constantly around people you tend to just do whatever they want to do, watch the film they want to watch, eat at the restaurant they want to go to – what about that book you’ve been meaning to read, or that theatre show you have wanted to check out but couldn’t find anyone to go with? Doing things solo allows you to explore that hidden part of yourself that you have been too busy to know is even there.

Remember – going solo isn’t about being single! Moreover, it’s more for you if you’re in a relationship or marriage. 

Top Tips

Travelling solo

  • think about where you’d want to go that will keep you entertained all week – mix the city life with a bit of sea and sand to break up your holiday
  • Go prepared – bring your books, build an itinerary and list of places you want to eat at
  • Mingle – it’s amazing how many people you can meet if you’re open to chatting to people – and you’d be surprised how many solo travellers you could find on your way
  • Use public transport – rather than booking your flights everywhere, why not use this opportunity to train it between cities (if that’s on the agenda), its cheaper, you get to see the raw sites of the country and more reading time!

What to do on your own 

  • Switch off from the world – switch your phone off, log out of Instagram and chilllll
  • Wear whatever the hell you want – wear that thing that everyone says you look chubby in and own it, wear those silk PJs to bed, you wanna wear a 2-piece swimsuit to the beach? DO IT!
  • Do what you love best – I spent most of the weekend reading books that I hadn’t had time to read
  • Enjoy the view – you paid for he view and the comfort so enjoy it, bask in the sunrises and sunsets, get up at the crack of dawn and do some yoga as the sun comes up! BLISS!
  • Go for a run or use the gym facilities – now I am not one to encourage exercise but there is something so satisfying about going to a hotel gym
  • Treat yourself – mine was an afternoon tea and spa treatment

Why you should do this on your own

  • enjoying your own company is probably not the easiest thing to do without social media. Spending time on your own takes you on a journey of self discovery
  • Your batteries need recharging not for an hour or two, but a whole day/weekend away let’s you do things that remind you of what life is really about.
  • Discover (or re-discover) yourself!

If you’ve ever travelled on your own or enjoy spending time with the best version of you, message me! I want to hear all about your thoughts on this.

Until next time,

Lots of love,



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