A weekend in Bath

As much as I love London, sometimes it’s so nice getting out of the city and going to a more quiet, serene place. That place is and will always be Bath for me. I hadn’t been for about a year until earlier this year (actually it was for my birthday so you know how delayed this post is) ooooops!

Bath is most popularly known for the ruins of the Roman Baths as it’s babe suggests.. but what you don’t know is there is so much more to Bath than just ancient ruins. First things first…


There are a few places you simply cannot miss when you’re in Bsth – yes the amount of halal food you’ll find is limited but with some of the best pescatarian food you’ll find it’s probably not a bad thing!

Menu Gordon Jones

This place will always and forever be at the top of every single list I write! We were so lucky to get a booking on the exact weekend that we were in Bath, they’re usually booked up for months especially on weekends and you’ll know why once you visit. The restaurant is probably as big as my bedroom (which isn’t very big at all FYI!) But what I absolutely loved about the restaurant is that there is no preset m nu for you to look into – the menu is set each week by Gordon Jones who you’ll find scrubbing dishes in their tiny little kitchen. The restaurant actually said they’d be able to source halal meat for us if it was on the menu that day but turned out it was a paradigm menu anyways. Being three judgemental person that I am, my expectations (much like our faces) dropped when we walked in add it was such a modest place but three food surpassed every single expectation I did or didn’t have!!? Each course was amazing – the flavours were of but worked soooo well together. I was actually blown away by it all! The food definitely spike louder than any ostentatious restaurant could have. In London you works have easily paid £150 each for such a meal but we only paid £50pp !!! My pocket was thankful! We left very happy bunnies!

Sally Lunn

Do NOT leave Bath without trying this piece out – they’re buns are nationally renowned and they’re as big as your face!

Scallop Shell

One of the best places for fish and chips, the best thing about it was that the fish and chips wasn’t even greasy!

Little Green Cafe

Cute little cafe on the way to No.1 The Crescent

Things to do

Roman Baths

Now you can’t go to Bath and not go to the Roman Baths! That’s just rude!

Bath Cathedral

Whilst you’re around the area, you won’t be able to miss the beauty that is the Bath Cathedral – it reminded me of being back in Budapest but alot more Goth vibes and I was 100% there for it!!!

Number One The Crescent

One of my very favourite places in Bath – Number One The Crescent is a townhouse museum that has been furnished as it would’ve been in the 1700s.. and to be honest it’s the coolest thing I’ve seen forever.

Jane Austen’s Home

If you’re an Austen fan then you’re in the right place! Nothing special, but this is just where Austen wrote Northanger Abbey. The Austen home had been made into a museum for all you Austen enthusiasts (like me!) And it’s pretty cool!

Check out the boutiques

I know what you’re thinking – come on Fizzah, are you seriously suggesting we go shopping when you’re not Bath – but yes I am! It’s not normal shopping – Bath has some amazing boutiques where you’ll be able to find some great pieces. One of my favourites is Heavens Bazaar – tell them Fizzah sent you 🙂

Where to stay

There are lots of places to stay in Bath – we decided to get a place through Air BnB which was great – we actually had a little basement apartment at the bottom of someone’s rather plush house. Lots of Air BnB options

In conclusion, if there’s one place you want to visit for the day or weekend Bath is the place for you and I can’t recommend it enough!

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