Buns and Buns – Covent Garden

Happy Weekend my loves! So this weekend has finally shown some summer sun – probably a bit too much if I’m honest but can’t complain (but I probably will!) So juggling staying alive in the heat and watching the cricket (yes!) I thought I’d write a quick post about Buns and Buns – a restaurant I recently visited in Covent Garden this week. I’m gonna make this a shorter blogpost than my usual style so let me know how you feel about it!

The Restaurant – 7/10

The restaurant is based smack bang in the middle of the Covent Garden Piazza. Such a great location and so hard to miss! I love the open spaces of the restaurant, especially great fit the summer if you don’t want to be stuck inside but still want a bit of sunlight. It’s definitely s place you could just walk into as it’s casual dining but great place nonetheless. Fun Fact – the restaurant is owned by the same guys that creates Sushi Samba – you can definitely see the similarities between the décor though.

The food – 6/10

I didn’t really know what to expect as I’ve never been there before but was definitely pleasantly surprised. What I LOVED the most is that the menu had labelled out each dish that was halal!!!!! LOVE!!!

We went for a bunch of dishes – a bunch of bao buns (each at £7.50) – Thai prawns, burger buns (beef) and truffle mushroom – they could have used a bit more attention to glamour but great overall.

Also ordered the truffle burrata, Thai chicken caesar salad, calamari salad and corn fritters.

The service – 7/10

It was very very busy the day I decided to visit. It was a very last minute decision to visit B&B and was super impressed that the guys managed to accommodate us. Our waitress, although a bit clumsy and dropped my mojito on me, was very helpful – pointed out all the halal dishes and gave us some good advice on what to order. Everyone was super helpful despite it being really busy. My friend is intolerant to sesame seeds and they were really helpful to accommodate.

TLH RECCOMENDS – Thai chilli prawn bao, corn fritters, calamari salad

Overall – 6/10

Thoroughly enjoyed the experience at Buns and Buns, some of the dishes were a little standard and probably not worth the price they were at but I would definitely come back for some staple dishes.

I do think some of the dishes are a little overpriced but I’d definitely put that down to the location and the halal aspect definitely makes up for it! I’ll be back soon!!


Ps. This meal was complimentary but all views are my own

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