Peter Rabbit Afternoon Tea at Le Meridien Piccadilly

So if you follow me on Instagram (and if you don’t why not??!) You’ll know I managed to bribe my family (dad included!!!) To go to an afternoon tea. My sisters are visiting from outside the UK and anyone with kids will know how it feels to take 1 or 2 kids out for a meal. How about 3.5 little humans (read – rugrats) who want to jump around all the time and it takes all the adults in the room to calm them down. Nevertheless, we persevered and I decided that Le Meridien would be perfect because odd it’s open spaces. They were kind enough to accommodate us all at short notice, as well as pre ordering halal meat for us.


This is probably one of my favourite places for an indoor summer’s day. The décor is simple as they’ve fine for the yellow flowers and greenery theme which I’m absolutely loving!! The high roof to floor glass walls and ceiling are my ultimate face thing about this place!!! I live for that glasshouse effect! The open spaces are perfect for kids too.


Even though I’ve been here for their afternoon tea before, they’re only currently serving the Peter Rabbit afternoon tea. If seen pictures so I was probably more excited than the kids! I absolutely loved that the afternoon tea almost got in with the green decor of the whole restaurant.

It was all really cute and well thought out inline with the theme.

SANDWICHES – probably not the best I’ve had if I’m honest. They were dry and kind of standard in terms of flavours. Was left pretty unimpressed.

SCONES – These were actually up there with sooner off the best scones I’ve had which is actually a huge statement!

DESSERTS – I enjoyed them – the carrot cake was my favourite, but again it wasn’t amazing.

TEAS – I got the Earl Grey with Elderflower and Rose, which was actually really nice! Although the tea options were quite limited of which they weren’t even serving 2 of!


One of the things my sisters are always most concerned about when we take the rugrats out to restaurants is not to disturb anyone else cus they can’t still like most millennial children! The guys at LMP obviously knew this so they gave us the quieter, elevated area of the restaurant which was great because it almost felt like we had our own space and weren’t getting in anyone’s way (except this guy that was clearly there to work and that just wasn’t gonna happen with my kids around lol!)

The kids ordered from the a la carte menu and it felt a bit lacklustre that we had to keep asking them for a drink for them.

My niece (aged 3 going on 35) has this thing at the moment where she’a just discovered she has to be a strong independent woman and needs to order her own food. So she turns around to the waiter and say in her best behaviour – to which he almost rolled his eyes, looks at me and, in his best bad attitude face, says “can’t you just give me the order, ” to which I was like no she’s a child ordering a pizza, just take her flipping order bro! I’m sure he didn’t mean it in that way but it was just an inpatient tick which I didn’t appreciate.

Maybe because it was a weekday afternoon, but the service didn’t blue me away – we had to keep reminding them of things like tea refills, etc. Some of our sandwiches were missing and when we mentioned it to them they just brought over 1 piece – 1 piece!! Lol!!


It was a lovely afternoon because we were all together on a beautiful day in our prettiest skirts! The food was just standard, the service was okay but really the settings were what I was there for! I’d go back just for that.

I don’t know what category this falls under but also the afternoon tea menu was basically printed at home on a normal piece of paper – I’m paying £35 for this below standard afternoon tea, at least give me a real menu!!!

Have you been? Let me know your thoughts!

Lots of love,



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