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I’ve always found that as the halal restaurant industry grows, there is always something lacking in terms of home halal meals. But sometimes you just want to stay home and have a decent meal without labouring over a stove for hours (you can tell it’s not my favourite thing to do).

I came across DiningEating a few weeks ago and was so pleasantly surprised. They are a company that provide halal meals directly to your doorstep. When they reached out to me I really did not know what to expect but took the gamble anyways. My expectation was that I was about to receive some TV dinner style food packages. But luckily enough I was proven very wrong!


The package arrived in a large box, I opened it and without even getting to the food I was blown away by the attention to detail paid to the packaging in an effort to keep the food fresh – thick bubble packaging with ice packs around the actual food boxes. I don’t think I’ve ever seen this amount of attention to detail if I’m honest! the food itself was in tightly sealed plastic containers. As nice as the presentation was, I received a few comments about how it was plastic and would’ve been nicer to see companies use biodegradable materials, however this is not always possible especially with posting food.


So again, my expectations were kind of low, even though the people behind it are so lovely but regardless it’s food in a plastic box, it was going to be bland and plasticky, right? I was so wrong! The food was not bland in the slightest, it had a nice little kick of spice but was not overbearing, which I loved! It was almost as if my next door neighbor had cooked something and came to drop it off!

I got the Thai Geeen Curry, Butter Chicken, Bolognese Pasta, Chilli Paneer with noodles, Peri Peri Chicken with Potatoes.

My favourite had to be the Thai Green Curry – when it arrived it was very thin and watery so I had to cook it for a little longer but the taste was so good, it was spicy enough, aromatic and yummy. As expected with rice from a box, it didn’t taste very fresh and was a little too “Al dente” foet liking. But overall really enjoyed the meal


This post was sponsored so the meals were complimentary but the prices on their website are very reasonable – a 4 meal taster box is £25, which is amazing!! Individually, each meal is about £7.50 which is cheaper than what is pay for a normal salad! Such good value foroney especially if it’s your first time ordering use the code “FIRST 20” for a further 20% off!

Check them out:



Have you guys tried DiningEating? What were your thoughts compared to other halal prepped meal companies! Let me know 🙂

PS. This post was sponsored but the opinions are my own.

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