Chicken Vol Au Vent

I have certain food traditions that are just embedded in me now, one of which is going to Tasha’s in Dubai and indulging in their amazing Chicken vol au vent and strawberry mojito. It’s rather epic and I just love it! Now this lockdown has me missing some of my favourite foods and recreating them, so of course I had to do this…


I roll of puff pastry (or just buy the ready made vol au vent)

1 egg lightly beaten

For the filling…

100g chicken breast fillets, diced

Salt and pepper to taste


1 small onion, finely chopped

1 tbsp cornflour

125 ml chicken stock

125 ml double cream


For the voulevants

1. Preheat oven to 180ºC. Halve the roll of puff pastry. Roll out one half until 3 mm thick and place on a floured surface.

2. Cut out the pastry circles (I used a cookie cutter) around 7cm in diameter and place on a non-stick baking tray

3. Roll out the other half of the pastry and again cut out cir les.of about 7cm. Now take a smaller cutter of around 4cm and cut out a smaller circle creating a ring. Place on a separate baking tray.

4. Brush all the pastry shapes with a beaten egg and freeze for about an hour.

5. Take the pastry out of the freezer and place the solid pastry at the bottom and the ring pastry on top of it for each vol au vent.

4. Bake for 20 minutes from frozen at 180ºC or until golden brown and puffed out.

For the filling…

1. Marinate the diced chicken with salt and pepper and sauté in a little heated oil until cooked but not dried out.

2. Remove from the pan and sauté the onion and mushrooms in a little oil until the onion is soft and the mushrooms pale brown.

3. Prepare the chicken stock and bring to the boil, stirring continuously. Add the cor flour and keep stirring. Now add the cream and mix well. Simmer until the mixture comes to the boil, then add the sautéed chicken.

4. Heat until the sauce thickens, but we dont want the sauce too thick. (Tip – if it does thicken add some milk)

5. Your sauce is ready to be poured over the vol au vent. Garnish with parsley and serve.



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