Afternoon Tea at Corinthia London

One last outing. One last cake. One last tea. This seems to be all we’re doing this year, and it was me before the tier 2 restrictions came in.

The bestie and I had shockingly never been to a traditional afternoon tea together- isn’t that just downright rude?! We’ve been to some quirky ones but never a traditional so I carpe diem’d to the max and booked ourselves in to Corinthia London.

After the afternoon tea at Tiffany’s left a sour taste in our mouths (quite literally), we needed something to revive our faith in afternoon teas. I remember the last time I went to Corinthia for afternoon tea was last Christmas and I literally had the B E S T Turkey sandwiches, so I booked us in (thankfully before Tier 2 restrictions kicked in #GOAWAYRONA)

So we got there and were taken to our table, which was right in the middle of the hall, such a bright room which was so lovely.


So we got there and were immediately taken straight through to the main hall, which was really well lit which I loved. We were seated right in the middle of the hall, great spot. I know this seems silly but the seats were so uncomfortable to sit on, it kind of made the experience a little meh because I wasn’t comfortable. Yes, that makes me a brat but I want to be comfortable when I eat.

I can’t talk about decor and not talk about the shiny crockery – S O cute, although the plates were standard the cups and saucers were genuinely so cute, I appreciate that.


The afternoon tea was priced at £55 per person, which is probably standard for a good afternoon tea. It was a really good tea, probably not the best one I’ve ever had but it was a really good option.

Sandwiches – some really nice choices of sandwiches, unfortunately the Turkey sandwiches were a Christmas special so no turkey sandwiches for us, but we had chicken, salmon, Cornish crab but the winner was th egg and truffle mayo on brioche bread W O W! I could have had 10 of those and not felt guilty!

Scones were actually really good, they came in a cute box and were really warm, which sounds basic but actually some places don’t care too much, but its so important. Scones were not too crumbly which I love. Also, the consistency of the clotted cream was perfect, it just slid onto the scone and was beautiful. We need to talk jams – they had a standard strawberry jam which was far too too sweet even for a sweet tooth like me so that wasn’t great but the Rhubarb and Lisea Cubeba Jam was WOW! The after taste of the ginger really came through and loved how different it was. 10/10 for me!

Cake cake cake … SO we were presented with a plate full of desserts and they were all pretty good, nothing to write home about but they weren’t bad and just as we were making our way through it all, we were presented with a huge trolley of cakes! Literally a whole trolley ha, we obviously had one of each and took some of it home with us 🙂

T E A … The tea selection was really good. I went for the Lychee and Rose Noir (black), it was aromatic and sweet, just how I like it. Next I went for the Mango Noir (also black), I loved it even more than the first.

Overall, the afternoon tea at Corinthia London was nice, I wasn’t blown away by it but I would 100% go back for sure. It was a pleasant experience for sure, they could do with improving some of the sandwiches particularly the chicken one given it was pretty standard. (and the only thing halal on the menu!).

Whilst I’m here, here are some photos of me because why not!



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