Orange Cream Delight

One of my very favourite desserts to have at iftar is one of my mums age old orange dessert – one of the easiest things that she taught me and my sisters to make.

I love how simple this dessert is, yet it hits every spot every time.


1 packet orange jelly

3 oranges – pulped and deskinned

400ml whipped cream

2 tsp sugar

5 scoops vanilla ice cream


Prepare the jelly and make sure it’s properly set before starting the mixing.

1. In a large bowl, add in the whipped cream mix in the sugar, followed by the oranges. Be very careful when you’re mixing them together – you don’t want the cream to get watery

2. Cut the prepared jelly into cubes and add the jelly into the creamy mixture.

3. Next, add in the ice cream and mix mix mix, but very gently.

4. End with sprinkling some mint leaves on top and voila!


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